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Presentation workbooks for ‘To The Point’

Belgian Presentation GURU Edouard Gruwez asked us to redesign his workbooks that are handed out to his audience while presenting his To The Point presentation Design & Thinking Workflow.
His presentations are given all over the globe form London to China.

He works according to the TLSM Model.
A systematic, substantiated approach

The human brain handles information through a set of complex logical and emotional processes. Even if we still understand very little about the brain, recent medical imaging technology has accelerated our understanding of its processes. The TLSM model was developed by running these processes backward. It is a framework to design clear, engaging and impactful communication. Even the most complex subjects will be distilled to their purest, simplest essence. As technology and science further develops, so does the TLSM model.

In its most basic form the model consists of 4 phases. Each phase requires a different mindset and approach. By gradually increasing the complexity of your thinking, your messages will become simpler and clearer.


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